Dr. Arthur Palmer III, Robert Wood Johnson Jr. Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics, Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs
Dr. Jaime S. Rubin, Director of Research Development, Department of Medicine

This course explores a variety of ethical and policy issues that arise during the conduct of basic, translational, epidemiological, and clinical biomedical research. The course's philosophy is to facilitate and encourage students to engage with Columbia faculty members who can speak from their own experience on ethical questions that can arise during the conduct of scientific research. Class presenters also include Chairs of Institutional Review Boards, the Director of the Institute of Comparative Medicine, as well as faculty who are directly involved with these issues. The goal of the course is to provide students, post-doctoral scientists and fellows, junior faculty, and other investigators with a knowledge base as well as practical advice on ethical and policy issues.

Topics addressed by the course include: (1) research misconduct; (2) the mentee-mentor relationship; (3) the use of laboratory animals; (4) research involving human research participants; (5) authorship practices and scientific publications; (6) conflicts of interest; (7) data acquisition, management and sharing; (8) peer review; (9) collaborative research and partnerships with industry; and (10) the role of scientists in society. Course sessions include lectures, class discussion, and case studies. Additional topics of special interest include current issues in modern genetics.

Graduate level - Course number: G4010, Call number: 63291, given yearly in the Spring term; One point/credit; Pass/Fail - grade determined by attendance, class participation, and a required essay. There are ten 1-hour sessions per term.

LOCATION AND TIME: All sessions are held in the Hammer Health Sciences Center, Room 301, on the Medical Center Campus of Columbia University. Fridays 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

TEXTBOOK: Macrina, Francis L. Scientific Integrity: Text and Cases in Responsible Conduct of Research, 3rd ed. ASM Press, 2005. Paperback. $49.95. ISBN 978-1555813185. Copies are on reserve in the Hammer Health Sciences Library.

NOTES: Additional resource material (e.g. case studies) for each session will be distributed in class or via Courseworks. Columbia University faculty, post-doctorate fellows/scientists, students, and staff not wishing to formally register are welcome to audit the course. This course attracts class participants from diverse educational and research training programs. Directors and Mentors of these pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and junior faculty training programs may wish to augment the course with additional requirements, including small group discussion sessions, or provide "refresher" training involving individual program faculty. This course may not be taken twice (whether registered or auditing). i.e. It may not be taken initially and then subsequently years later as a "refresher". G4011 (call number: 15945) is the course number for the Integrated Program and Department of Pharmacology's discussion group that accompanies this class.